Jul 24 2011

Just a Lazy Saturday

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Never underestimate the power of suggestion.


My sous-chef and I were leisurely walking through the Saturday morning farmer’s market at the San Francisco Ferry Building, peach juices sticking to our cheeks, when a stem of dark green leaves caught my eye. Or, to be more accurate, the sign above it, which read, “Mojito Mint.”


Since the sous has been migrating his after-dinner sipping from whiskey to rum lately, I knew he had a bottle of the good stuff at home. And I promptly declared that we should pick up some limes from the grocery store and spend our afternoon making mojitos.

Because it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy two mojitos before 3 pm, right? In a jar, because they’re just so much cuter than tumbler glasses?


Glad it’s not just me.


PS: I never meant for this post to become an advertisement for Appleton Estate… but the sous does insist on this brand.




Ingredients (Makes 2 smallish mojitos):

Juice of 3 limes

3 tbsp. turbinado sugar, plus more for glass rims

1/3 cup packed mint leaves

1 shot rum

1 shot water


Rub juiced limes around the edges of 2 glasses, then dip the tops of the glasses in turbinado sugar (optional).


Combine lime juice, sugar and mint leaves in a bowl and muddle, muddle, muddle. Feel free to wander off and let all the flavors mesh together for a while. Fill the bottoms glasses with lime mixture, then add rum and water. Mint sprigs make lovely garnishes and practical stirrers, but a lime sliver will also add some class.

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