Feb 13 2011

The Claws Come Out

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I murdered a lobster in class this week. If it sounds dramatic, it was.

Most people take the easy way out when it comes to crustaceans — submerge them while they’re still alive in boiling water, and they die instantly. But according to my culinary instructor, there’s actually a more humane way to go about it, and it’s not pretty: Stab the lobster with a chef’s knife in the back of the “neck,” and they die instantly.

Unfortunately, that does not mean their body parts stop moving instantly.

After the dirty work was over, the lobster cooking was actually a joy. We made two dishes out of just one lobster, in the resourceful fashion of French housewives of the ages. Since traditionally Lobster Bisque is served without the meat and just flavored with the shells, we were able to cook an additional Lobster Citrus Salad with the meat.

Hilariously, this is how you present it:

Creepy, no?

The bisque took just over half an hour to cook, and if you don’t mind smelling like seafood all day (clearly, I don’t) it was a cinch.

I tend to think of Lobster Bisque as being thick and heavy, but this one is mostly broth finished with just a splash of heavy cream and a pinch of cayenne. A much more delicate experience than the flour-y ones you order at bad seafood restaurants.

And really, is there anything sweeter and more delicious than lobster meat? Please make a lobster salad with orange or grapefruit segments soon. If you decide to forgo the initial stabbing, I won’t tell.

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3 Responses to “The Claws Come Out”

  1. Beth Petersonon 13 Feb 2011 at 3:54 pm


    Love your lobster presentation!

  2. Livon 14 Feb 2011 at 5:43 pm

    Thanks, Mrs. Peterson! Makes for a dramatic platter 🙂

  3. Sharonon 15 Feb 2011 at 7:11 am

    Lobster bull fight…OLE!Didn’t know that….thanks!