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Oct 31 2010

Filet O’ Fish

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I now know the anatomy of a fish more intimately than I ever thought I would. This week at school we had a workshop in all things fish — cleaning, scaling, fileting and finally, of course, cooking. This is where those knife skills we’re supposed to be mastering really come in handy. We each practiced […]

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Oct 25 2010

A Soufflé Waits for No One

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My culinary instructor is full of words of wisdom. The other day she was preaching the importance of working efficiently, keeping our work spaces clean and putting things back where we got them, and she said, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Kind of makes you think twice before taking shortcuts. Her […]

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Oct 20 2010

The Truth About Pizza

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Monday night, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I wasn’t hungry for dinner. That’s a sentence you’ve certainly never heard me utter on this blog, so let me explain. On Monday I consumed a truly obscene amount of pizza. It happened something like this. I spent all weekend partying in […]

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Oct 18 2010

Back to Basics

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Recently at Tante Marie’s, it’s been all about the basics — meaning, in some cases, doing some of the old-fashioned kitchen stuff that’s out of vogue in the modern world. That’s a Tomato Chutney above, made with apple cider vinegar and a truly shocking amount of garlic — one of many delicious recipes to come […]

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Oct 10 2010

Milk and Eggs, Four Ways

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Who knew there were so many ways to combine eggs, sugar and milk into a classic French dessert? You’d be surprised. Those were the main ingredients in the dishes my cooking class made during our Friday workshop, which was all about sweet custards. Each student cooked either Crème Brulée, Crème Caramel, Oeufs à la Neige […]

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Oct 07 2010

A Lesson in Presentation

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Today was a menu day at school, so each student prepared a different course for our very involved lunch. For the first time, I was working with the appetizer, Artichokes à la Barignole, or braised artichokes. I’ve never seen artichokes cooked this way, but I think it’s pretty genius so I wanted to share. We […]

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Oct 02 2010

On the Rise

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Thank you all so much for your votes for Project Food Blog! Sadly my entry wasn’t chosen to go on to the next round, but in all honesty, I’m not too disappointed. I have enough on my plate now that school’s started, and I was wondering how I’d get everything done. And as my friends […]

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