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Aug 26 2010

Give It a Whirl

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Remember when I described my lunches comprised of quinoa and veggies and bragged that I never get tired of them? Well, I finally did, so I made some hummus. I rarely eat hummus anymore because my assistant is allergic to legumes, but making it myself reminded me how much I adore it. In fact, before […]

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Aug 20 2010

Chocolate for Breakfast

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I can remember my mother making “banana nut bread” back when I was wearing school uniforms, and she almost always has some on the counter when I go home today. To me, it’s always symbolized southern hospitality — something to give as a gift to a friend or teacher, or something just to have around […]

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Aug 16 2010

Eat Dessert First

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It’s no accident that even when there is absolutely no time to spend an hour cooking dinner, dessert always seems like a manageable time commitment. Such was the case the other night when I threw together a spinach salad, starving, and was fully nourished by 7:45 — and found myself with most of the evening […]

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Aug 10 2010

No Substitutes

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When you’re craving a juicy, old-fashioned, no-nonsense steak, I find there is no substitute. A delicate filet of fish can’t compete, and even a hearty pasta dish falls short. It must be the umami flavor that makes your mouth water at the mere thought of red meat (I stopped myself from writing “je ne sais […]

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Aug 08 2010

Ham & Cheese Bliss

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I was flipping through my new Southern Living the other morning before work, and my coffee cup stopped en route to my lips when I saw their featured seasonal ingredient. I love fresh figs, and it seems like they are one of those tricky fruits that’s only good for about a second out of the […]

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