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May 29 2010

Eat Your Brussels Sprouts

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The first time I attempted the bacon and brussels sprouts combo, the sprouts were hardly cooked, but the bacon turned out more like bacon bits — fail. The second time, I introduced red wine into the mix and loved the result. But I got a little cocky about the small success and decided it’d be […]

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May 24 2010


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I was craving a burger a few nights ago, but I decided to buy ground lamb instead of beef to make things more interesting. With the lamb came the opportunity to turn an all-American classic into a Mediterranean meal, so I went with it. Except that I think hamburgers are actually originally German. Sigh. I […]

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May 20 2010

Second-Generation Pasta

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My assistant sagely dubbed the following recipe — Homemade Pappardelle with Quail Ragu — “second-generation” pasta, because version one met a sad fate. But let me back up. For my birthday this year, a very close family friend thoughtfully gave me a gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma. Since I can never afford anything there on my […]

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May 17 2010

Fresh-Picked & Fried

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My assistant and I were lucky enough to spend the majority of the past week with his mom in Miami, where it’s perpetually 80 degrees, sunny and all-around beach worthy. And while the produce we get in Northern California is hard to top, Florida does a pretty good job of competing — and not just […]

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May 11 2010

Birthday Gumbo

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I turned 24 yesterday, and I spent a big chunk of the day doing exactly what I wanted to do: overseeing a huge pot of gumbo to serve some friends who stopped by for the festivities. I chose gumbo for the birthday meal because I wanted something that would feed a group of 8 to […]

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May 05 2010

An Exercise in Flatbreads

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Nothing says light, springtime tapas to me like a flatbread, which have been popping up on appetizer menus for the past several years. After sharing a stand-out one with my sister, mom and aunt in Denver recently, I grew excited about trying to make one on my own.  After having done it, I’m convinced flatbreads […]

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